Calling Karma

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A few months ago I made a cold call to a prospective business owner. I was polite, professional, and informed, and was treated to a barrage of unkind words and unflattering suggestions. (If you’re in sales this experience is not new or as infrequent as you would like. It’s part of the job.) I chalked it up to the potential customer being a harried entrepreneur wilting under the pressures of a long work week. Then it occurred to me. We’re in the same boat. I’m a business owner too, and like all business owners, we need to contact people and attempt to sell them on our business or product. Some may have a neon sign, a display ad, a website, or a business card. But we’re all playing the same game. I didn’t get a chance to share this epiphany and I didn’t make a sale, he hung up too quickly. But the experience also made me realize that I’ve been that customer. I’ve taken out my frustrations on some poor soul trying to make a living doing the difficult job of selling their business or idea to the world. The job we all have to do at some point. It was a reminder to be a little nicer during the next incoming sales call whether I’m interested or not. Let’s face it, we’re all selling something to someone and you never know where the next sale or referral will come from. Kharma can be a cold phone call.