Light Bulb or Crisis? You choose.

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Call it human nature but people don’t usually do what’s good for them. We don’t eat enough healthy foods, we don’t exercise enough, or limit the amount of stress in our lives. Until a light bulb goes off or a crisis happens.
We may be inspired by a movie or a sermon to take better care of ourselves. We may stop in front of the mirror and be surprised by who we see. We may even have chest pains and end up at the doctor’s office. Then we change our habits. Maybe. When it comes to business, marketing is like health food and exercise. But we don’t always want to or know how to do it. The light bulb may be inspiration from an article or the rush of enthusiasm from starting a business. The crisis could be finding ourselves with no new clients and major cash flow issues. The cold truth is most small business fail, and many of these failures can be traced to a lack of marketing and advertising. Just a little sound advice for life and business. Choose wisely.